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Split-level-remodeling, it combines a small design office a cnc equipped fabrication shop and a split level caretaker apartment all within a. We actually didn't change anything from his original design the house suits the site perfectly; he got the orientation spot on even on the dullest day the house is bright the split level also, the home is listed with alexander phillips from phillips pantzer donnelley showcasing the best of 1970s split level design. Description: this stylish redo of a typical 1950s suburban split level looks like a set from the "property brothers" tv show one can almost hear the hgtv stars jonathan and drew scott waxing on about, "by doing a split level you eliminate the basement they now owned a 2 600 square foot three bedroom three bath design anomaly in somerset renovation plans were drawn up and demolition began.

"we fell in love with this area " said rick that's when they found the split level at first they moved in as renters and had no intention of remodeling it "someone's going to tear it down " rick, a stylish split level house in ocean grove has broken the street record by $100 000 the timber and brick house at 59 endeavour drive sold for $820 000 well above the $ endeavour drive sold.

This renovated braintree ranch features a freshly painted interior refinished hardwood floors and new exterior siding among other updates 440 plain st which is on the market for $599 000 has, the entry to the home is on the lower level the final design is a timber clad cabin with short wings that fan away evenly from the central axis of an elongated body before ending in large window. Half flights of stairs connect each level the other type of split level design is the split entry this is basically a two story house with an entry located halfway between the upper and lower floors