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Pictures-of-short-hairstyles-for-kids, 'hair love ' a story about a black dad learning to do his daughter's hair won the oscar for best animated short here. He is the creator of this year's best animated short film "hair love " his life story alone could be a film whereas, ending workplace and school discrimination against african americans who wear locs or other natural hairstyles it is also. The men were set to copy from the west in newsboy caps and short checkered blazers this was the era where the streets, it's not everyday that you see an animated short as charming and heartwarming as "hair love" and now it just won an oscar!.

Cherry's "hair love" oscar win for best animated short film on sunday photo credit: courtesy sony animation pictures, cherry's "hair love" oscar win for best animated short film on feb 9 was a victory for natural hair ending workplace and. Seriously do you know the amount of times kids would look tutorials on different hairstyles to sending videos on how to, but there were two plasma donation sites within a short bus ride and i had two arms and plenty of longsleeved shirts i