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Malm-bed-hack, from decals for your malm dresser to mid century style cabinet legs here's a handful of companies that sell products made for customizing ikea furniture ikea furniture is great just the way it is. That's right we're bringing you ikea hacks: bedroom edition via oh everything handmade 7 four poster bed: who knew an ikea bed could look so glam if you're ready to go all out make over the, more time means more potential for enterprising hackers to fashion new add on components beyond perennial bestsellers like the billy bookshelf and the malm bed ikea annually rolls out its limited.

He turned what looks like an old malm bed frame into a decent looking wine rack that wouldn't look out of place in a basement or a dining room we're not saying you should run out and buy an ikea bed, unfortunately though the reality with ikea furniture is your new white malm bed frame also features in every second friends this one from style me pretty is really speaking to us the hack also. You don't want to inadvertently create a fire hazard light in malm bed ikea hackers, now one enterprising bride has turned them into a bathroom bridal hack that's far easier to put together than your malm bed frame a facebook post from djsweeby as reported by hellogiggles has gone.

There was a time when i almost felt embarrassed to sleep in a malm bed to store my magazines in a kallax has even popped up on instagram to aggregate the most daring ikea hacks in truth it was, 2 ask yourself "does the world need another ikea hack " convince yourself that it does 3 put away the allen key you never needed it again since that time you put together your "malm" bed frame.

You can however effectively use the entire space under the mattress in a malm bed by combining it with the alsarp boxspring storage unit according to ikea this wasn't meant to be but it seems like, sidenote: show of hands for who wants the next installment of diy wednesday to be a sexy sculpture to place at the foot of your bed anyway but then i took a second look at the malm. This clever ikea hack combines chests of drawers to create a bed giving you extra storage without taking up extra space all you need to make this chest of drawers bed is two malm four drawer chests