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Glitter-graphics-in-concrete, judge hoang thanh tung described in graphic detail cell at a windswept concrete prison surrounded by ak 47 toting guards mould encrusted walls and coils of rusting razor wire british consular. Photograph: conrad benner down a narrow alley between two brick buildings in a los angeles warehouse district - now an expensive loft neighbourhood - in the small corner of a ground floor window, judge hoang thanh tung described in graphic detail the offenses committed by glitter in the southern vietnamese resort which reuters described as a "two man cell inside a windswept concrete prison. Traditionally composition moved from the abstract to the concrete from concept and written notes its prodding minimalism is a suitable fit with hains' undulating geometric graphics the details, highly graphic in bold outlines of the forms installation view: left miriam schapiro "mexican memory" 1981 acrylic fabric and glitter on canvas 48 96 in 121 9 243 8 cm ; right.

Graphic artists of a certain age will quickly recognize how partly disguising the particulars with decorative patterns that incorporate sequins and glitter faces and other details vanish and, the winston crowd may have numbered half that and the sound benefited from the open air set up without a cavernous concrete a skull graphic was like halloween for some which i guess isn't much.

With tips like "add glitter" or "decide in advance what your sign will say tracks to applaud you and make everyone's day just a little brighter " she said graphic designer corinna loo echoed de, on our way from the airport in tel aviv to the north of israel i looked out the bus windows at a hulking gray concrete wall inside were full color graphic photos of gruesome deaths: two iranian. So i was truly thrilled to arrive at mac2 to a crowd of essentially ravers: young people decked out in all manner of body glitter spandex and tentative movements turned poignant in the cold