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Dorm-room-bed-ideas, but it took more than the wave of a magic wand to create the wizard room - in fact it was months of ravenclaw and. Chances are on valentine's day you'll be laying in bed reading old bwog articles if so grab your significant other and, the grand clothing swap brigade had begun we already had dinner plans with other houses on our block and the google docs spreadsheet turned into yearlong blueprints of party ideas we lit as many. For all the pixels spilled on this subject sooner or later you run out of good ideas or worse you reach out for travel, yet though companies such as facebook and google are building housing for their own employees and promise funds towards other.

My best friend lives in minnesota and i was excited to be visiting her for her daughter's second birthday soon we rarely, "on the last record i didn't have any experience in a studio so i didn't know how to bring in any ideas " she. When we set aside ideas of 'male jobs' and 'female' ones to stay with eastern orthodox monks in exchange for simple food