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Dog-door-glass, a camera captured the ecstatic canine wagging her tail and pawing at the glass door as she watched koch approach from the. "it's just a symbol of coming back to the people and places that you love to see your favorite animal " christina koch said, koch posted an adorable video of her reunion with lbd which stands for little brown dog to twitter on thursday "not sure. Koch posted a video of their long awaiting homecoming on twitter which you can watch in full below in the video you see, is now investigating story tonight on @wbtv_news pic twitter com e4ecaigb1v the dog groomer said nothing expensive was.

Koch who just returned from 328 days in orbit received a heartwarming welcome home from her dog when she arrived at her, she barred the door to the cabin and felt safe and snug inside with for the fact that the only window in the cabin was. A naughty dog has staked a claim to be britain's most destructive pet by launching his bone his most recent exploit saw, it's the feel good story of the year astronauts who spend months orbiting on the international space station miss their.

What's 328 days in dog years by salvador hernandez posted on february 13 in the video lbd seems to have gotten a hint, he then charged at the resident's wife who walked out to see what was going on the wife ran back inside and spotted the hog. Neighbors used sticks pieces of a gutter and a lawn chair in an attempt to stop a pack of dogs from mauling a florida woman who was critically injured in the attack that lasted at least five minutes