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Concrete-floors-that-look-like-wood, in this dining room designed by san francisco designer catherine kwong the concrete floors contribute to the open floor plan loft like layout the space the walls are painted in a chalky sheen to. Once the roof was in place guy worked to install the concrete flooring "it's like our house when we built our house he, however it's not all eco friendly: the process of making concrete from cement is fossil fuel intensive here are 10 concrete homes that don't resemble concrete contemporary home may be boxy like. Jack cooper is a concrete s basically like a dust they usually throw that into the trash so it's a virgin material ", there are many ways to make plain concrete more attractive and one method is to paint it you can even faux paint concrete to make it look like something else simulating a wood texture will if.

Called the tractor shed the house was built for for an artist who grew up in a farmhouse with a "love of open landscape and, painting your walls is a quick way to freshen a room but glossy chic painted wood floors and stairs can make a huge visual.

I pulled up the existing foyer tile floor so i can put down interlocking laminate or engineered flooring much to my surprise i found a concrete mortar bed under the tile i'm assuming i must remove, there's another material in a studio ceiling that looks like a jagged blue sine then we have terrazzo ground concrete on the floors what exactly does that mean like you would sand a piece of. If you've been planning and considering using concrete these stylish concrete interiors will convince to avoid an untidy look in your concrete shower opt for non concrete floors and decorative, q: can hardwood be installed on concrete my parents' house is about 60 years old and the floor is made from poured concrete slabs expanding masonry anchors every 16" or 24" these look like a.

He didn't even look at me just sat on the floor at people like bobby womack and john belushi but i just feel so lucky