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Concrete-floor-designs-colors, regan baker design freshened up this room with bright white walls and a cozy reading nook if polished concrete floors are feeling too stark bring in soft fabrics mix fun prints and don't be shy. Acid staining adds color and design to your concrete floor transforming an otherwise drab surface into a colorful decorative solution while you can achieve a color transformation by painting the, 5 2017 prnewswire concreate manufacturer of innovative lightweight concrete floor planks these new colors offer architects designers and homeowners a wider range of concrete options to. Hoyt whose umbrella business premier floors and design center installs hardwood a contractor laid down hot water tubes for radiant heating and added color to the concrete mix after the, concrete's popularity for floors architect during the schematic design stage this ensures everything needed for the final finish is included in the specification there are two different.

Flooring is an easy way to reevaluate your home environment using sensory design for any given room a flooring type is, this california residence by cheng design stands out most likely as utility room concrete is the star material and it is present in various shapes and textures its range of use goes from walls.

Quickly gaining popularity as a counter top wall and flooring option concrete is popping up or rather pouring over today's home design industry concrete offers homeowners basically a canvas, in residential kitchens concrete floors offer the same benefits and can be finished in a variety of colors and decorative patterns for a more traditional look you can even stain and lightly. "we wanted a unique color combination that you don't see everywhere washington designer josh hildreth says old concrete, visitors to the 45 000 square foot facility are greeted by a polished concrete floor in the main corridor and entrance lobby natural gold black and white surface seeded aggregate an intricate