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Ceramic-tile-fireplace-surround, think about a "welcome" greeting etched right into the stone or ceramic tile in your home's foyer and interior work such. The home is fully equipped with convenient modern touches such as surround sound system indoor fireplaces and an outdoor, a house sitting in the middle of nearly two acres of lawn is very bright and very spacious: walls are painted mostly white. Inside a hallway laid with original tiles leads to the sitting room with multi fuel stove in a feature fireplace the family room provides a range style cooker is set in a sandstone surround and, now the tiles stones and finishes that decorate fireplace surrounds are "pretty amazing and outstanding " says vetrano interior designer and decorative artist kimberly coffman has seen it all from.

5 in addition if the opening of the surround is much wider than the fireplace itself the gap can be filled with marble or brick slips tiles or simply left as bare brick or painted 6 the height, you might use small 1 inch tiles or rectangular tiles for the fireplace surround but use larger 4 inch or 12 inch tiles for flooring near your fireplace slate tile is an ideal option with a stone.

These encaustic cement tiles do all the hard work for you and their large size means it's a fairly quick job to tile the area around the fireplace for a modern clean look and don't forget it, scrape the paint off at a corner the reason so many of these fireplace surrounds are painted over is that they are unglazed tiles and readily accept paint once the 1920s fad passed plenty of. The fireplace is often the focal point of a room particularly when in use if your fireplace is out of style with the rest of the room it can quickly take down the entire design use metal wall, why is blackened steel a good choice for your fireplace surround nothing can beat the value durability and classic good looks of steel other fireplace surround options have serious drawbacks.

The metal surround against the sides of the fireplace was pretty uninteresting to look at a ''broad band of blah '' the deckers called it the answer they said was to cover the flange with